Ăn Viet, A Localised Vietnamese Cuisine Created In Malaysia @Sunway Pyramid

This is crazy, my last updates on foodie posts, were on Tealive Boba Ice-Cream , and Family Mart Onigiri . Those were not even actual restaurant reviews. In fact, my last review on a restaurant, was on Feb 19, 2021, on Tauge Ayam Lou Wong . It can’t be helped because in 2019, COVID came and still remains until now. Actually, I have been through some turmoil – Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 . Since it is kinda like the #endemics in Malaysia, perhaps, it is time to join the travelling and food hunting trips with my friends and family. Time to revive my posts on travelling and makan , else viewership has been horrible in the past 2 years. #Foodie #Ipohboyfoodie #IpohboyMakan #Sunway #AnViet #VietnameseFood #VietnamFood

COVID19 Series PART 3: COVID19 Endemics

Incantation 2022 - Could Have Ended Better !

《咒》/ Incantation 2022 - 更好的结局

改写《今宵大厦2》/ Rewriting Barrack O'Karma 1968

Brownface of Barrack O’Karma 2, Insulting Filipino minority in Hong Kong?

金宵大厦 2 (1968)的《棕脸扮装》主义?