Monday, October 14, 2019

金宵大厦 (Barrack O’Karma) 2019, 港剧回归啦

金宵大厦 (Barrack O’Karma) 2019
IBJ: 7.5 /10 (原本8.5, but bad ending
豆瓣电影: 8.5/10

好久没追港剧了。 最近看到网上追捧, 就看看《金宵大厦》。 与过往不一样的电视格式, 它掺杂了不一样的诡异元素。 比起中国剧的太油腻和不真实, 它仿佛走出自己让人喜爱的风格。短短20集, 真的是好快结束。我特别欢喜粤语和华语的主题曲《今宵多珍重》。 自己听听吧。

《梦》的开始, 好微妙。 男主(阿萧)被自己的梦引导到金宵大厦当管理员。更像命运那样, 遇到了女主(Alex)。 而中国来的匪徒, 依然还是那么喜欢在香港犯案?这一集也说明了香港出租女友/援交妹的故事。

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dimsum Experience at Hei Lai Ton喜来登海鲜酒家 @ Serdang 沙登

Omg, my  blog is so dead! So many issues going on with my life, it seems that my anonymous bloggie remains as one of my best kept secrets. I can rant without being judged and can eat without being criticised. Anyway, the best way to revive my bloggie and instagram is to blog about fooodieeeeeeeee.. Very carefree here, without worrying my language and sentence structure!

My rating for Hei Lai Ton as below. Actually, there are many outlets in Malaysia. I still feel that the one in Ipoh is better. 

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Metamorphosis, A Truly Amazing Process

My level of understanding on metamorphosis basically stops at primary school level. Different insect species have their own unique cycles to go through before full growth. For butterfly, it starts with egg, after hatching, it will emerge as a larvae. Going through feeding on plants/ leaves, it will then turn into pupa, a form of cocoon, to protect itself from predators before emerging as a new buttery. 

I did consider to be a biologist, but eventually, dreams changed. Anyway, this was a very lucky moment for me when I found a colourful and naughty caterpillar/ larvae munching on my cacti in Ipoh. I straightaway told my mom, don't kill it because those cacti will surely grow again. But butterfly only live on for such a short time.