Naughtily Nice Naughty Nuri's August 50 % Promo 2017 @ SS15 Courtyard [Non-Halal]

Finally, I had tried the famous famous naughtily nice Naughty Nuri's (NN)! This time around, my besties from uni asked me out for a lunch date! So, you can kiss Monday blue goodbye, because with their famous pork dishes, you won't feel down on Monday anymore! And, what's more exciting and interesting this month (August) is they are having 50 % off for lunch dishes!!!!  So, what are you waiting for, faster head there before the promo ends!!!!

I have to confess when they ajak me for lunch at this place, I was basically clueless. In fact, I felt that the name was quite cheesy! Hahaha, how shallow people can be sometimes~ With a quick google, I was kinda impressed because the origin of this restaurant was from Indonesia with awesome review. After a quick investigation, NN is a famous warung (stall in Indo) in Bali, which was only introduced to Malaysia in 2014 (with Sri Hartamas as the first branch). Since then, the growth was steady with three more branches being opened in the next few years. And, this famous restaurant is very well-known for its pork dishes! Yes, every dish is basically pork-based. 

We met at the NN @ SS15 Courtyard for lunch (the promo time until 3pm, valid until end of August).  As we reached the restaurant, we were greeted by their polite staff. After seated at a nice spot for picture, we snapped away with our handphones! The restaurant is filled with piglet/ pig/ pigs/ piglets decorations! I was totally nuts with my camera!!!! Snapping non-stop until we forgot to look at the menu!

Since, there was 3 of us, we decided to ordered a total of 4 dishes to fulfill our tastebuds (Yeah, we were a bit overly greedy). The first dish that we order was the mee goreng! Yes, as you can see, the portion was more than enough for 2. More importantly, the pieces of crunchy roasted pork were basically more fulfilling, with a bit of fatness. The fried noodle was just right, not too soft nor hard. 

Next, we ordered the satay dish. Again, the portion was quite generous in this case. The satay meat was a mixture of pork, herbs and a little bit of chilies. The satay stick used was not the conventional wooden one, but a stick of lemongrass. That's also why the satay was aromatic with the scent of refreshing lemon grass.   

One of the healthier choices was the pork salad! But, it was surprisingly delicious and pleasant. As you can see, like typical salad, the bowl contained lettuce, cheery tomatoes, watermelon and papaya! But, of course, this bowl also contained a crunchier version of pork compared to the noodle above. What tied all those unlikely compatible ingredients together, was their unique salad sauce. The reddish sauce was sweet to smell, slightly spicy and nicely sour to our tastes.  

Definitely last but not least, the pork rib was the most expensive among the dishes, but after discount, the price was so reasonable. Rather, I would actually pay the original price for its portion and taste. The presentation was superb, as the nicely done pork rib placed on a tile-like plate and served in front of us. Astonished by the serving, the portion was more than enough for 3 persons. The tenderness of the meat lingered in our mouth. 

Please do give it a try!!!! With this promo, it worth the money and the time as well!

Ipoh Boy, signing out!


  1. Ha ha... Only naughty people eat there... The food and pork are calling me to try.

  2. Go go !!!! Hahahaha, TW you are the naughtiest in town!!!!


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