Famous Restoran Tauge Ayam Lou Wong @ Ipoh [Non-Halal]

By Ipoh Boy Journey - February 19, 2021

Lou Wong (LW) Restaurant is basically a landmark in Ipoh, until it has several outlets in other states. That’s how famous LW is! Actually LW used to my family favourite place, until it got so famous that the restaurant is an attraction itself, and of course, the price hiked like crazy man!

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Nonetheless, despite a lot of bad reviews (as of Feb 2021) mainly due to services issue, it still offers delicacies such as the juicy and huge tauge (beansprout) and smooth chicken which only can be found in IPOH! Located in the heart of Ipoh, LW is crowded with locals and tourists alike, from day to night. You need to be patient when looking for parking, and at times, it is faster to park further away, and you can now pay the parking fees with an online there. (No more coupon, yeah! Which also means no more begging from those scary hoarders). And, to my beautiful Malay readers, LW is non-halal, unlike [Chicken Rice Shop].

Since we were famish during that time, we ordered a total of five dishes. Honestly, those dishes still tasted better than other outlets, except for one (which I will update link here if I blog about it). Looking at all those dishes at the cover, they seriously looked tasty and tasted great too. Let’s start with the less famous dishes first, and to our surprise, they aren’t that shady at all! For instance, the marinated chicken legs (below) were totally soft to the bites! When I was very very young, I really resisted the chicken legs. But, once you go leg, you can go back! The tenderness of the skin with the strong taste of the sauce soy indeed was taste of heaven.

The next dish was really out of the world (to me). Because usually I just ordered chicken, tauge and rice. But, this really tasted like seafood at first. Then, my dad told, it wasn’t!!!! Then, he told me those whitish skin-like items were actually chicken skin!!! After searching high and low for the name, I finally found its name – Kerabu Chicken Leg Skin!!!! How do I describe this? Well, it tasted like sotong (white squid), but did not really taste too similar. Hahahaa. 

I know, I know ~ Porkballs seemed to be quite a common dish in Ipoh. But LW also made quite nice porkball soups, and theirs were my sister’ must order too. Usually you can place order according to how many pieces you. As you can see, this was a mix of porkballs and fishballs.

Next of course must share how the legendary tauge (beansprout) from Ipoh looks like! Well, I did not know that tauge from Ipoh was famous until I went to KL to study years ago! Actually, it was said that the water in Ipoh is so good that, it nourishes the tauge to be very juicy and crunchy! That’s why tauge was indeed the most important sidekick for the chicken

Of course last but not least, is the most famous chicken in term of steam chicken or water-cooked chicken, which can be accompanied by their noodle (mainly kway teow soup) or white rice. Now, you might feel that it looked like any other chicken dishes from Ipoh. But, don’t let its appearance deceive you. The chicken was smooth to the taste, but at the same time tender. This definitely not easily to be achieved.

My verdict as below: The overall taste over the years has degraded a bit. But, what’s more disappointed was the price hike. Of course, in term of the services, I think it was mainly due to the enormity of the crowd from time to time, which made them (bosses and waiters) a bit impatient. But in food and beverages, I still think services are very very important. Overall, 3.3/5.0, still considered to be good (^^)


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