Lee Hong Kee Restaurant 李雄记 @ Sungai Buloh

Greeting from Ipoh! If you have not followed my sad life story, I left Malaysia last year for UK. Finally, this year, I can enjoy the true spirit of Chinese New Year - new clothes, angpows, firework, food, more food and a lot of food. Anyway, Ipohboyjourney is back to his beloved hometown - Ipoh (^^)! Instagram pic (above) shows how graceful Ipoh is - a simple hill city with lots of great food. 

Ipoh boy didn't work almost 6 days, this would be killing his Ph.D progress. Anyway, I have yet told/ ranted to anyone in this bloggie how awful my boss is. But, for this new year, I am gonna leave this rotten piece of my life from this bloggie yet. The reason for my persistent in writing post in blog is mainly to start my engine in writing up and releasing bad energy. This really helps me a lot in my work progress because every time I finish a post, it means I complete something in my life

Again, this post will be about food! A quite well-known restaurant in Sungai Buloh - Lee Hong Kee Restaurant 李雄记. 
Lee Hong Kee Restaurant basically is famous for one dish - The Standing Chicken (栋笃鸡). Oh yes, such a stunt to attract people from all over the states to enjoy their food. Without any delay, let see how does a standing chicken looks like! 

To me and my friends' dismay, it was nothing but a roast chicken being crucified into a standing position! As you can see, it took some work to cut the meat from the standing chicken. The taste was only normal and the meat was a bit dry. But still, it did took away our breath for a while!

Of course, we did order other dishes! The normal taufu dish (豆腐), stir-fried green dragon vegetable (清炒青龙菜), kerabu paku pakis/ fiddlehead fern (蕨菜). The dishes were either a bit typical or normal to our taste. But, the kerabu paku pakis still refreshed our tastebuds. 

Our most favourite from this restaurant was not the standing chicken, but the char siew (叉烧)because it was roasted perfectly with the fattening part being very very very juicy!

Overall, this restaurant serves good food. Their signature dish needed to be improved. Nonetheless, we were still impressed with the presentation of food, but not the taste though. To be unbiased, you can always give it a try and correct me if you think the standing chicken not as bad as I have described. Anyone can have a bad day (^^)

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No.3, 5, 7 & 9, Tingkat Bawah, Jalan Kati GU 19/G,
Kampung Baru, Sg. Buloh,
40160 Shah Alam