Legendary Cowan Street Beansprout Chicken | 高温街芽菜鸡 @ Ipoh [Non-Halal]

Ever since the attack by keyboard warriors on the “Hishiko Woo Summoned Deity Issue”, my will to blog has been rekindled and thanks to the virality of the post, it reached around 800 views in 4 days. It might not be a huge deal for you, because 800 views are like peanuts on social media like Facebook, Instagram and especially TikTok. But for a dying blogging culture, it is considered another humble milestone for my underrated small bloggie.

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Okie, let’s go straight to the food review. Unlike Lou Wong [Previous Review], Cowan basically focused on the three main dishes in their restaurant. The first dish I would like to introduce is the marinated chicken leg, and this version was totally different from Lou Wong. The chicken feet/ leg was more tender to the taste, but it was less salty compared to Lou Wong

The tauge (beansprout) from Cowan was a slight disappointment because the taste was not the one I expected (Personal preference). Perhaps because of the peppers used on the dish, I felt it was a bit excessive, but my dad totally adored it.

Now comes the main character from the shop – the water-cooked chicken. This one was the winner in Ipoh. Well let me explain. First of all, the chicken meat was not too tough or tender, and what I totally loved about it was the oiliness was less compared to Lou Wong. It was a clear winner for me in terms of the chicken dish.

Wait, and another win for Cowan was the kway teow or koitiau. Yup, unlike Lou Wong, they never actually advertise their kway teow. In fact, as I blogged previously, you can either order rice or kway teow noodle as you wish. But, for Cowan, you must order their koitiau noodle because this was where the combination lies in good beansprout chicken koitiau, which was totally great to chew. 

My verdict: The taste remained great over the years, and the price was still acceptable despite the crazy inflation. However, due to the less manpower or the control-nature of the boss, the service tends to be slower, you need to be patient and wait for ordering.

Reviewed by @Ipohboyjourney

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