The Ipoh Boy Who Loves to Eat, Travel and Play

By Ipoh Boy Journey - January 01, 2016

1st of January 2016, marks the birth of Ipoh Boy Journey and this would be the anniversary date of this newly-founded blog. A blog dedicated to all the food, travelling, geeky technology and spices of life, also represents my determination in sharing my personal experiences to all walks of life.
First and foremost, I would like to wish everybody, Happy New Year 2016 and have a great year ahead. A nice green pic (Hitchin, UK) hopefully can give you all a fresh and green new start!

Now, let me introduce myself. My historic background has been a myth, but I am gonna revealed everything today. LOL. I am a Malaysian blogger almost reaching thirties, but I still use "Ipohboyjourney" because the inner me still harbours a childlike dream, to love all the places I visited, to finish all the food on my plate, and to be truthful to my feelings. Anyway, I started blogging in 2003 with Friendster blog > > wordpress > blogger > Now blogger again. While the friendster and were unable to withstand the test of time. I decided to start a new blog  despite a mild popularity from my old blogspot blog. Due to personal reasons, all posts will be written in anonymity with the pen-name of ipohboyjourney or Mr. X.

This blog will be purely personal and extremely expressive of my truth and very "bitchy" feelings. So, hopefully you all will like it (^^) For any reviews and invitations, please contact me via . To end this post, I attached a picture from Newcastle, UK ! A picturesque view of Angel of North New Castle.   

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