Affiliation and Collaboration

IpohBoyJourney has started as a spin-off of my old blog (which was abandoned), which now has seen to grow tremendously for the past 5 years! Therefore, despite Ipohboy is still slowly building his portfolio, he wishes to be a better blogger from time to time! So, if you are interested to collaborate with IpohBoyJourney | Mr. X, you can always email me at .

In addition to collaboration, guest-writing and reviews, I also provide billboards for ads run, customisable to suit your needs (size, period and price wise). Kindly contact over my email above or contact form for pageviews information and ads rate. If you also wanna know more about blog policy and user info, please head over to our Disclaimer & Disclosure page. 

I am currently running ads for the following organisations:
Image result for nuffnangImage result for google adsense

Previously, I have worked with other organisations as follows:
Image result for traveloka

I hope to extend my list from time to time! Do let me know again if you are interested (^^)!

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Ad Rate

Please contact for rate and more info.