Tuesday, March 27, 2018

生记大树头生虾面 Sangkee Prawn Noodle @ Kuala Lumpur

It was the first time that my parents requested something! Yes, "thanks" to Axian, they wanted to try the prawn noodle near Pasar Seni. Since it was introduced on national TV, we presumed it should be not bad! Do check my facebook album for more awesome images ! [Facebook Album]

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Pitfall of Malaysia Economy 2016 - 2018 (Mega Companies Closed Down & Retrenchment)

As part of the newly graduated working force in 2016-2018, the employment scene in Malaysia really does not/ did not look good at all. Given that you went through a 3 to 4 years course with expensive tuition fee, eventually you either end up jobless or stuck with a low-pay job. That's reality in Malaysia now! For the past 3 years, how did Malaysia's economy fare under the "great leader" of the century, Prime Minister Najib?

Summary from 2017/18 on Malaysia's Public Image
  • Malaysia's No. 1 Current Concern > Corruption [1]! Even though our "beloved" Prime Minister's personal account was proven to be valid and legal to accept donation from unknown royalty from Saudi (by our own legal system?) [2], 1MBD is still plagued with major financial loopholes and scandals on global-scale corruptions in several major countries. That's why no wonder Malaysia is rated 2nd most corrupt country [3].