COVID19 Series PART 2: Crazy Thoughts on COVID19 And Social Media Damage!

Following the Part 1 of my story, I have so many thoughts recently. I mean when coronavirus emerged in 2019 (thus, the naming as COVID19), the world was just skeptical especially when it broke out in Wuhan, China. Some people even said that it was a hoax, until things got serious with death tolling up. Fast forward to 2021, almost two years later (about 1.5 years later), below are the statistics up to 2/7/2021:

  • Total COVID19 Cases: 183427884
  • Total Deaths: 3971594

Many countries claimed that they would eradicate the viruses from the surface of the Earth in one year later. However, some countries failed miserably in fighting the pandemics, especially the Country starting with a big letter “M” who scored so well in 2020 (Image below). In this blog post, I just wanna pen down my feelings with regards to the information I saw online mostly, and as well as personal experience with close contact with a COVID19 positive patients and aftermath.

COVID19 Origin and Reason of Escalation

Well, the initial breakout was from a local wet market in Wuhan, found on bats and some animals. However, after a while, researches seem to be able to trace that COVID19 has been in other continents prior Wuhan breakout yet China government refused to cooperate hindering the investigation. As usual, this is how a communism-based country behaves anyway. But the issue now is its escalation to global scale.

As a non-bio researcher, my shallow understanding tells me that “international travel and trading” is the root cause of escalation. If this were to happen 50 years ago without low-budget flights (like Airasia, RyanAir, etc), the pandemics would more to be localised. Now, whoever contacted with this virus, would not show symptoms or asymptomatic, up to 14 days. With its invisible size, anybody can catch the virus especially through the contact of human fluids.

If you really ask me, I feel (very very personal and silly opinion) that the virus was basically engineered in the lab, but something happened similar to Resident Evil. Well, sort of, instead of producing zombies, we are having fatalities every day for the past 1.5 years. Usually, some of the main suspects are those who can save you during this crisis. I shall not elaborate further, you go figure. I felt like it was one money-making scheme, but it went backfire.

Humans and COVID19

Recently, I felt that the world is moving very backwards because a lot of people are doing very dummy things regarding the COVID19. I mean especially in developed countries like UK, US and China, there were numerous of them just look at COVID19 lightly, and did pranks via social media such as TikTok and Youtube. I mean social media are at their worst now, especially during this pandemics, people are trying to make money online. For these people, there was even a term invented for them -#COVIDIDIOT ! In Malaysia, the COVIDIDIOT are those who asked the rakyat to pray to God to avoid infection and get cured……I mean, what century are we in now? The dark ages? Science should be prioritised while religion should be treated as a belief, not technology! Anyway, nowadays, normal people cannot follow simple SOP such as wear mask, wash hand and gather less. Basically, more lives will be lost due to their non-discipline nature. GOD and Science already gave us the way of survival, yet moronic ones do not follow and further spread to innocent ones.

(COVIDIDOT NO.1: She had this coming because she thought vaccination can solve everything! As a journalist, she ought to know that the viruses are changing from time to time. Perhaps the vaccines might fail !)

(COVIDIDOT NO.2: UK people, I really love you all. But get a grip, and stay home even after vaccination)


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  1. You need to read up more to believe that the virus originated elsewhere but discovered in Wuhan by the smart alert folks there. The Western Media and Trump just loved to point fingers at everyone. Truth will prevail.

    1. Indeed, I think the truth is never that simple. And this virus is changing every day. Not easy to defeat at all

  2. i somehow feel like covid's just the beginning. have you already been completely vaccinated, by the way?

    1. True, I think more will die... I just got my 1st dose. How about you ? Hope you stay safe.


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