Supernatural Season 1 : Review and Awesome Guest Stars

Supernatural Season 1 2005
#Ipohboymovie : 4.0 /10
#IMBD : 8.4/10 (based on troublesome calculation of 22 episodes)
#RottenTomatoes : 87/100

Okay, I think the fans will kill me for giving a low 4/10, because I think the stories in Season 1 were very predictable from Bloody Mary to conjuring a demon from Hell. But, I have to give it to Winchester Boys, played by Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Dean (Jared Padalecki), who are kinda giving those naughty “boys” vibes. Jensen, was actually famed from Smallville (another decade long drama) while Jared got his breakthrough from Gilmore Girls. Oh yes, I am TV bb! To top this off, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, playing their dad, John! I mean, with their looks, the girl fans would have their v***** exploded! (><)

Anyway, apart from the horrific ceiling burning mom scene, the drama started with just a normal scare with normal white-dressed lady seeking vengeance in certain place or day, again quite cliché. I mean normal people would not give a lonely lady a ride right? Most probably I will call the police or something.

I noticed in the 2000s, driving with the phone was so much common. Even in this show, numerous scenes showed that they drove while talking on the phone. Seriously, this was quite dangerous. Nowadays, this act should be banned on national TV (hopefully). Just bad example.

Luckily, in Season 1, we have Meg (demonic daughter of the yellow-eye demon), played by Nicki Aycox, with very menacing presence. And each episode, there will be one hot girl guest-starred. Amy Acker (from Angel) played the mother of the ghost’ victim. Julie Benz (from Dexter) played the sick girl who hoped to get cured from the priest. Therefore, with the good characters built around the weak storyline, I think they were plain luck to get renewed from the next season.

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