Sunday, May 26, 2019

Metamorphosis, A Truly Amazing Process

My level of understanding on metamorphosis basically stops at primary school level. Different insect species have their own unique cycles to go through before full growth. For butterfly, it starts with egg, after hatching, it will emerge as a larvae. Going through feeding on plants/ leaves, it will then turn into pupa, a form of cocoon, to protect itself from predators before emerging as a new buttery. 

I did consider to be a biologist, but eventually, dreams changed. Anyway, this was a very lucky moment for me when I found a colourful and naughty caterpillar/ larvae munching on my cacti in Ipoh. I straightaway told my mom, don't kill it because those cacti will surely grow again. But butterfly only live on for such a short time. 

Apparently, this little fellow was eating and shitting so much! I quickly googled and found that this little baby might be from the Monarchy family? I had a hard time identifying the species. Anyhow, what was more sad was that it would usually took it 14 days/ 2 weeks to emerge from Pupa. I was only going to stay for 7 days/ 1 week for Chinese New Year. So, I told my mom to observe it from time to time and take picture, but she wasn't that into this stuffs! To my surprise, the next day, I found a little pupa hanging from the cacti!

But, that would only mean that I still couldn't see it emerging as a beautiful butterfly. Oh well, it would all be fate I guessed. Then, the day before I was heading back to KL, the butterfly was struggling to make it way out. I was super thrilled to see such as occasion in my life ! For the 1st time in 30 years, I finally witnessed the whole process! Sorry to say, this is better than SEX. hahahaahaha

It felt like as if I was the mom for a week. Of course, after emerging from the pupa, the butterfly was still just starting to move its wings!

You can see from the video, this beautiful butterfly was practising its wings for the first time. Indeed, it was so beautiful! The pattern and colour on its back was like the colours of the tiger. After in motion for about 5 mins, it took its first flight and venture into this new world. I think today, it would have produced babies of its like for many many generations already. 

I wish you find your love and reproduce (^^). As for me, I might hide in the cocoon for a long time, not because I am afraid. But, I just met a lot "bad" ones these days. Time to take a break and refocus on what I want in my life.  


Twilight Man said...

Muahahahaha... This post is funny! You should be a stand up comedian instead.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Twilight]hahahaha, I take that as a compliment!!!

Lily said...

Enjoy yr blog..this is funny!

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Lily] Glad u enjoy it ^^