Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Pasar Seni Central Market 1888 Exploration

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pasar Seni Central Market 1888 Exploration

To be frank, even though years of commuting and departing from Pasar Seni LRT, I have really yet stepped foot into the famous Central Market Pasar Seni, established in 1888. After 10 years in KL/PJ, finally, accompanying my parents, I finally touched down on this ground. Direction: you can drive and park at the Central Market or take local transportation and get down from Pasar Seni LRT. For more images, check out my [facebook album]. This was before we headed to Sangkee Prawn Noodles for lunch.

The surprise was so immense because interior was still looking relatively new and the cleanliness was superb. The arrangement was well-organised, with row and row of artistic stalls being displayed in such a blissful way.  

One of the nicest paths was the Straits of Chinese. The parallel lanterns made a majestic view to the visitors. Alongside, the stalls displayed some nice ornaments and attires of Chinese Culture. Of course, there are beautiful lanes of Malay, Indian and Orang Asli's culture. 

Looking at some of the pieces, I felt that the miniature paper houses were so beautifully made and I almost wanna get a set of my own! The Anyaman (embroidery) with fish motif was an enormous piece with vibrant and exquisite colours. 

You can even find some antique-like items in this market. Apart from Malaysia's culture, the turquoise pottery was more from the influence of Arabian culture (pardon my own interpretation). From classy piece to cute ornaments, the Central Market offers well-range of souvenirs. 

Lastly, at the near end of the market, to our surprise, it was the central for drawing artists to showcase their best work. You can even get your own portraits done at this area. After spending about 40 mins in the market, we headed to enjoy the famous Sang Kee Prawn Noodle nearby!

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Twilight Man said...

Hello remember me??

I am shocked that it took you so many donkey years to enter inside. The whole place has refurbished too beautifully now for tourism. Long ago, it was nothing close to this but like a flea markets you find at Covent Garden in London.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hahaha, u also long time no visit. U forgot about me >< ~
Commented in ur blog posts so many times.

hahahaha, yeah~ I prefer the flea market style though. hahaha

Twilight Man said...

Let me count how many comments I left here. You owe me a glass of kopi for every past comments. You are so heartless... huhuhuhuhu

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

TW - hahaaha kidding la! U r the best blogger in Malaysia! Gonna feature you one day in my blog! should schedule an interview with you and bring you nice coffee. hahaahha

Twilight Man said...

Hello! Your blog is long expired now and this post walls are growing cobwebs with green putrid slime lurking. Hurry up Ipoh Boy! Tsk! Tsk!

Small Kucing said...

Hello again

CM? Hahaha long time have not been there but seeing your pic, it changed a lot already