Saturday, July 29, 2017

How to be a winner tip#4: Chilam Crazy Hour Concert 2014 @ Bukit Jalil

It was that moment, I knew that I had won something awesome! (Even though, this was a bit far out of date). But, as a consistent (no bragging > <) winner, I need to share out my tips! (^^) . This time around I won a pair of Chilam Crazy Hour Concert 2014 @ Bukit Jalil, well, not entirely me though! 

The whole story went like this! I spotted a slogan contest for the VIP ticket for Chilam Crazy Hour 2014. I joined swiftly and shared this news to my bff. And, eventually, my slogan actually failed to capture the hearts of the judges; while my bff, on the other hand, scored the win! As token of appreciation, he invited me to join him! (^^) So, you can guess that the next silly tip is:

#4: Be friend with winners! Because you will have a lot of freebies to be shared with you!

In case, you are not sure of who is Cheung Chi Lam (or Julian Cheung or 张智霖), he is a famous actor from the 90s, but started as a singer in Hong Kong. He was famed for his roles in 1994 The Legend of the Condor Heroes (射雕英雄传) and one of my all-time favourite Return of the Cuckoo (澳门街). I still remembered because of the drama, I wanted to visit Macau for a long long long time, yet to be realised though (Anyone care to sponsor me?). Anyhow, he also married the love of his love (also the love of my life), Anita Yuen (袁咏仪). Years married with Anita, he was overshadowed by her talents. But, the Chilam Crazy Hour Concert finally marked the recognition from both Anita and their fans, on the his success. Please check out this link, pretty cool, when she guested in his concert in 2014, where she said: "..people call him as Anita's boyfriend last time, but today, when people see me, they called me Julien's wife, which I have longed for that long...!", signifying how proud she is with her hubby.

The concert started late (around 8:45pm), because of Friday jam near Bukit Jalil (like always)! Thank goodness bff and I went there late and slowly enjoyed our dinner! His concert was quite enjoyable and his singing was pretty much stable and nice! But, we vividly remembered that Julian had to cut off his shirtless scene in the concert! (in Malaysia, guy also couldn't strip, hahahaha). But, to our surprises, he invited handsome muscle guy Him Law (罗仲谦) and Z-Chen (张智成) whom I had not seen like a long long time, as guest singers. And actually Z-Chen and Julian's names were just one-word difference in Mandarin (when they joked about it, being brothers)!

Then, he changed into his super hot Captain uniform!!!! Oh damn! It was also a few days to his birthday! So, the organizer even prepared a nice birthday celebration for him! Just as the enjoyable concert coming to the end, he sang the iconic song from Triumph in the Skies (冲上云霄), 歲月如歌,  as an encore song which concluded the concert beautifully! Now, he is the idol to me (seriously, he did not like 40 plus to me, with his awesome appearance and fit body) hahahahaha, though Anita will always have the larger piece of my heart! Enjoy the song!

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