Thursday, October 10, 2019

Dimsum Experience at Hei Lai Ton喜来登海鲜酒家 @ Serdang 沙登

Omg, my  blog is so dead! So many issues going on with my life, it seems that my anonymous bloggie remains as one of my best kept secrets. I can rant without being judged and can eat without being criticised. Anyway, the best way to revive my bloggie and instagram is to blog about fooodieeeeeeeee.. Very carefree here, without worrying my language and sentence structure!

My rating for Hei Lai Ton as below. Actually, there are many outlets in Malaysia. I still feel that the one in Ipoh is better. 

Okie okie, this is a throwback post from Feb 2019, as you can see from the lousang (a Chinese New Year Delicacy). This time, my foodie friends and I decided to try their dimsum instead of the normal Chinese restaurant dishes. To our surprise, the tastes were quite okay!!! We ordered quite a lot of dishes, but I only highlight some of my favourite in this post. 

The char siew and siew yoke is a must order dish in Chinese restaurant. Basically, this dish can also be said as a test-water dish to know whether other dishes are good. Hahahaha, I prefer the char siew more in this case, because of the sweetness was just right. 

Okieee, some people might be turn off by porridge, but the teochew-style porridge is quite smooth to my taste. The fried lobak was not too oily; The fishballs were quite fresh actually even though less bouncy; The "yum kok" was nicely made. 

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