Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: KhunThai 坤泰 Thai Restaurant @ Gasing

Thursday, June 8, 2017

KhunThai 坤泰 Thai Restaurant @ Gasing

Ipohboy has extended his foodie region, into Petaling Jaya Area. This round, Ipohboy became round at pretty nice Thai Food Restaurant, Khunthai @ Gasing. 

(I kept on remembering this as Ayuthai (>_<)~~~ hahahahaha, sorry ! I would also want to apologise for the quality of the images because my handphone was quite bad in capturing under low lights (>_<).

This place was recommended by my relative, Khunthai, which was quite spacious with ample parkings. As you can see, they even have the leaf-roof! Hahaha, you know how people are attracted with this kind of decoration. 

The first serving was the rice, hahahaa, I believe that it was the fragrant Thai rice (^^). I really loved the rice pot design, it was quite exquisite to look at!

The dishes ordered were the onion egg (left), pandan chicken (middle) and sweet-sour-spicy chicken legs-skin (right). The egg and chicken dishes were very delicious, just not too spicy for my taste. As for the chicken leg skin, it was a bit spicy and a bit new for my taste. It was quite Q and crunchy at the same time. 

The next dishes in line were the fried toufu (left) and the fried spicy fish-paste (right). I fall in love with the fried toufu instantly, because of its crunchiness along with its special sauce. I could not find the right words on how to describe the sauce though. Don't be fooled by the fried fish-paste, they were quite spicy in real (><).

The tomyum seafood pot (left) and the steamed spicy sour fish (right), were pretty fresh and nice. However, spiciness was not my favourite feeling on my tastebuds. However, for spiciness lover, by all means, go ahead and order them. hahahahaa

Overall, Khunthai provides a refreshing taste on authentic Thai Food, with interesting presentations and definitely enjoyment on the taste buds.

Ipoh Boy, signing out!


Small Kucing said...

yup yup yup...i agree...sedap ....i love the steam fish and its "soup". After a few times there, we got to know that we can actually ask them to add soup to the fish. hehehe

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Small Kuching] OMG, I DID KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, I shall do that next time. hahahahaha

Twilight Man said...

I have been to this outlet at Jalan Gasing 3-4 times and their food is good. I have yet to try their other branches as I believe they would taste different as they have their own different chefs cooking.

If you are referring to the same Ayuthaya Restaurant at Medan Damansara, that one is thumbs down for the scary price & standard except that they have very luxurious decors.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TM] Hhahahaah, u all are so familiar with this place leh~ Is it???? Ok, I will keep Ayuthaya in mind. ^^

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Ahhh I've yet to try this branch yet.
I have to agree that diff branch got diff quality cos when I was in Kepong, it wasn't that great

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Charmaine] Yea, try this one. Quite good~