Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Ben's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ben's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) has been a well-known posh mall in Kuala Lumpur area. Because I used to work in this area, I am kinda familiar with this place. Anyhow, Ben's was opened about 3 - 4 years ago in BSC, and I would say the decoration of the restaurant was superb, classy and out of the kind!

The variations of tables and chairs, just made me and my ex-co-workers a hard time decide where to be seated. Anyway, eventually, we decided to take the table with the sofa seats!

As you can see, everything was quite exquisite, including the price (Note: that the price may vary because this post was backlogged quite a while ago). So sorry for the inconvenience!

So far, only my friend ordered the lemongrass tea with a crunchy walnut cookie. For my order, I decided to try their Hainan Chinese Rice. Seriously, their presentation was very superb. As you can see, the dish came with the oily rice, steamed-soya-sauced chicken, and a series of sauces to accompany the dish. To be honest, the taste of the chicken was just right, not too tough, albeit being a bit pricey.

For my friend, she ordered the Shepherd's pie. Again, we were quite impressed with their foodie presentation. But according to her, the beard was a bit dry, but it was understood that, the dryness was to complete the moist of the soup. 

Lastly, my other friends ordered the cheesy macaroni (left) and fish and chips (right). Overall, both dishes were quite scrumptious and their portions were regarded as generous. But both of them were petite and small-eaters. Hahaha, because for me, it would not be enough though. 

Overall, our experience with the restaurant was okay. The main setback was the price though. All those items easily cost above RM 15. Anyhow, BSC is considered to be a posh place. My comment on this restaurant is worth to try, once in a full moon. 

Ipoh Boy, signing out!


Twilight Man said...

I always love to eat the Ben's eateries but mine is always at Publika.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hahahahaha~ hope that they have the same taste!