Friday, January 1, 2016

The Ipoh Boy Who Loves to Eat, Travel and Play

1st of January 2016, marks the birth of Ipoh Boy Journey and this would be the anniversary date of this newly-founded blog. A blog dedicated to all the food, travelling, geeky technology and spices of life, also represents my determination in sharing my personal experiences to all walks of life.
First and foremost, I would like to wish everybody, Happy New Year 2016 and have a great year ahead. A nice green pic (Hitchin, UK) hopefully can give you all a fresh and green new start!

Now, let me introduce myself. My historic background has been a myth, but I am gonna revealed everything today. LOL. I am a Malaysian blogger almost reaching thirties, but I still use "Ipohboyjourney" because the inner me still harbours a childlike dream, to love all the places I visited, to finish all the food on my plate, and to be truthful to my feelings. Anyway, I started blogging in 2003 with Friendster blog > > wordpress > blogger > Now blogger again. While the friendster and were unable to withstand the test of time. I decided to start a new blog  despite a mild popularity from my old blogspot blog. Due to personal reasons, all posts will be written in anonymity with the pen-name of ipohboyjourney or Mr. X.

This blog will be purely personal and extremely expressive of my truth and very "bitchy" feelings. So, hopefully you all will like it (^^) For any reviews and invitations, please contact me via . To end this post, I attached a picture from Newcastle, UK ! A picturesque view of Angel of North New Castle.   

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