Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How to be a winner tip#8: Boyzone Live 25th Anniversary Malaysia Tour

It was 23th August 2018, an unknown phone call came through as I was under the hustle and bustle of KL city. I vaguely heard: "You have won our consolation prize, can you kindly collect ticket from our office". I thought it was tickets for the Circus performance.

#8: Keep a record of the contests you joined! It can prevent some frauds! 

As I reached the destination, this was what I saw:

A pair of VIP ticket for Boyzone Anniversary worth a total of RM 1136 !!!!!. OMG, ever since my won on Donna Chiu VVIP ticket in October 2017, I thought I have lost my touch!

Anyhow, the concert was at Axiata Stadium, Bukit Jalil, which was last visited by me in 2014, for my another VIP ticket win of Chilam Crazy Hour 2014 Concert. Since, the stadium has transformed into a very stylish architecture.

I just could not believe my eyes! And Ronan Keating still looks as dashing as ever! Those beautiful songs sang by them just triggered those growing up memories (>_<). But to my surprise, the concert ended in a mere 1.5 hours....WOW~ a bit shocked though, but it was still memorable!

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