Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: RM 1 Red Snapper and Shanghai Foodie @ Dragon-i Midvalley

Thursday, April 5, 2018

RM 1 Red Snapper and Shanghai Foodie @ Dragon-i Midvalley

Oh yeah, you guys are lucky this round! The RM 1 Fish Promo at Dragon-I will be extended until 13rd April 2018! And the T&C as follow:

1. For 3 pax and above. No minimum spending, 6 - 9 pm. 
2. Valid for dine-in only, while stock last.
3. ONE(1) "Deep-fried Red Snapper with Soy Sauce" per single receipt.
4. Not valid at Dragon-i Pavilion KL outlet, Canton-i Empire Subang outlet, Genting outlets and Dragon-i Imago Sabah outlet.
5. Not valid with any ongoing promotions or discounts.
6. 3 pax or above: 500g-800g Red Snapper; 6 pax or above: 800g-1.2kg Red Snapper

Surprisingly, there are not many blog reviews on this Shanghainese Dragon-i (龙的传人). Either, they were years ago or the blog stopped updating anymore (>_<). Blogging is a dying industry, I guess. Anyhow, for past 2 months, I have already visited Dragon-i at Midvalley for 3 times! I shall combine all the food review in this post (^^) For more images, you can also head to my [facebook album]

RM 1 Red Snapper (Round 1)

RM 1 Red Snapper (Round 2)

The Red Snapper (weighing depending on the number of people) was deep-dried and completed with the soy sauce. So far, for the 2 rounds, they maintained the fish's freshness and quality. Even the bone were fried until crispy crunchy (better word here, else, people might misunderstood as British slang). You can chew up the fish bone! 

We ordered a pot of tea with 4pax, of course, this was refillable. The Chinese chrysanthemum tea was of great taste though slightly pricey (which was expected) 

How can the visit to this restaurant be complete without the order of Xiao Long Bao, which was their signature! Shanghai Xiao Long Bao came with the 4 pieces with each of them filled with soup-based pork filling, and should be accompanied by the ginger floss and vinegar (personal preference). 

One of their most economic sharing dishes was their bucket rice, which was served with slightly glutinous rice, vegetable, mushroom and their non-crispy chicken. hahahahaha 

The XO Sauce Carrot Dish was quite nicely done too, with generous serving of big prawns and not too oily. 

Their noodle selection was also quite complete, from ramen to handmade noodles! Even though the prices were at the higher end, their portion and broth were quite nice and suitable to my tastes. Plus, for certain dishes, you can even add on for crispy pork at a small fee !!!! The fried pork was quite tender though slightly oily.  

As you can see, how satisfied we were with their dishes! Before and after (^^). On the way to be fatty Ipoh Boy !!!!

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