Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: How to be a winner tip#5: 100 Year Doraemon Exhibition 2014 @ Viva Home

Friday, September 1, 2017

How to be a winner tip#5: 100 Year Doraemon Exhibition 2014 @ Viva Home

Damn, another very outdated post, which I was supposed to post like 3 years ago! But, it was kinda sweet to see some old memories popping up suddenly. Actually, I kinda have forgotten about this event, until my Google Photo reminded me (3 Years AGO). Then, I think what the heck, just post this and attract viewers la! (Like my previous winning post on Chilam Crazy Hour Concert Winner). Indeed, 2014 was such as colourful year, as some much had happened!

So, how did I win this, you ask? Hahaha, the secret was as follows:
#5: Be friends with media, event organiser and planner!

I have a friend working in the newspaper media, which she was given 4 complimentary passes for this 100th Doraemon Exhibition. Hahahaha~ cheesy, but effective! Previously, my housemate also shared concert ticket with me! Anyway, cut the story short, a total of 5 of us joined the exhibited, which each of us just footed a bit at the end. 

The entrance was super crowded, I still remembered. People were snapping, posing and basically parading in Viva Home. We barely could find a quiet spot for photographing. And, obviously, from the pictures, it was proven very hard to get a nice picture in such as massive crowd!

As we walked in, we were introduced to the time tunnel. Oh yes, the same feel as if we jumped into the desk draw! Haha, I am a hard-core Doraemon fan here! The history of Doraemon started in far far away future, whereby he was manufactured as a highly intelligent robotic cat, in yellow. Gradually, this particular robotic cat encountered a destiny far beyond expectation, whereby his ears were bitten by rats and his sadness and fear turned which fur into blue! (Again, children were everywhere, blocking a clear view)

You did not even know that, I barely took any pictures with Doraemon because my friends were not a big fan and were quite impatient helping to take picture of me. I need photographer friends who can take nice picture of meeeeeee. I will definitely do anything to take good photos of you! Trust me, I won't fail you~ Anyhow, as you can see, the crowd was nuts! YEAH, with each display items being occupied by people, we just walked past and did quick snap! I was planning to come back after 6 pm, because less crowd was anticipated, but my friends just refused (quite frustrating!)

As I quickly snapped all those pictures of Doraemon, I made this collage of him being so cute! Indeed, growing up with Doraemon and watching all the actions made me quite imaginary and quite interesting in person~ Till the day, you come again in Malaysia.


Twilight Man said...

You will never grow up and out of being Doraemon's fan. Hey you should visit Japan and go crazy with the Doraemons there.

Anymore outdated posts????
Happy Merdeka Young Man.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hahahahaha~ yeah~ I will be a very old, self-proclaimed Ipoh Boy~ hahahaha, yeah, I should plan a trip to Japan soon!!!!

Of course a lot, if you read my old blog, there has been at least 3-4 years of gap!
Thanks PAPA Twilight!

Happy Merdeka Day too!