Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: 2 Days 1 Night Amazing Getaway at Sky High Genting Highlands @ Chin Swee Caves Temple (Part 3)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

2 Days 1 Night Amazing Getaway at Sky High Genting Highlands @ Chin Swee Caves Temple (Part 3)

This was my 2nd time, visiting this beautiful temple, as continued from my post 2. After the splendid and extravagant dinner (post 2), the next morning, we headed inside the casino for a more economic but less tantalising breakfast. Yup, my parents knew their places well.  As you can see from the pic, they were okay with the bowl of noodles, with amazing portion. 

After the breakfast, we checked out by returning the card key back to the machine. Then, we slowly drove down the mountains. Just about 10 min drive, you can see the signboard for the "Chin Swee Caves Temple (清水岩廟)", and just a turn into the premise, you can see ample of parkings. 

To our surprise, we reached around 11.00 am, the mist was more than thick, it was scary! We drove quite slow as our sights were almost blinded! After settling at our nerves, the mist was enchanting actually. It just made me feel like I am on cloud 9. Hahahahaha! 

The Taoist Chinese temple was not only suitable for recreation purposes, praying and even having a vegetarian meal, it definitely provided the perfect spot for amateur photographer like me (^^). Further, the temple was named after Qingshui, a Buddhist monk from Fujian (Wikipedia). 

There was also a monument for Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong (林梧桐) . The architecture was simply amazing, with traditional Chinese designs and symbols. For example, the Chinese dragon often favoured by Chinese, as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and success, could be seen in cravings, sculptures and roof designs.   

Anything looked very nice under the mist! But, it created a hard time for me to take a clearer image! I do need to upgrade my entry-level DSLR soon (Do check out the ads on my blog (^^)). The majestic Buddha Statue, was nicely poised in the mist! Hahaha, me gazing into the scenic view!

What's more interesting, the temple also showed the 18-level Hell (十八层地狱), on the punishments given by the Hell Lords, based on our bad deeds committed in our living life. And, man, the sculptures were very nicely-maintained and vivid! So, parental accompany is totally required as the images are quite graphically violent (18PL).

Just before we left, I took the images of the beautiful pagoda, which was also one of the iconic buildings in this temple. Of course, there was me, still looking for the one. I could wait, a long long time, because the best has yet to come!

OMG, after these 3 posts, I just couldn't imagine the energy required by #travelbloggers to do all those travel posts!) It took my ages to sort out hundred and even thousand pictures, and then, I needed to edit them one-by-one. Thus, hope you all enjoy my 2 Days 1 Night Amazing Getaway at Sky High Genting Highlands series! Do check out more nicer pictures at the following album (^^). 

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Part 3 Ended


Twilight Man said...

You are so young and energetic yet complained like an 80 year old grandma. What do you think each time I traveled? I even posted 2-3 posts while in China and Japan, then followed by 3-4 posts upon returning back.
I will visit the caves on my next trip to Getting. Thank you boy!

Twilight Man said...

**Genting Highlands

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

Hahahahaah, i am 90 yo inside la~. U r like 18yo actually, always so energetic! Seriously, you are so consistent in blogging, what a strong commitment ! I 100 % salute you!