Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: The Truth of Annabelle, Top 4 Reasons of Good & Bad! [Spoiler Alert]

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Truth of Annabelle, Top 4 Reasons of Good & Bad! [Spoiler Alert]

You don't have to be a believer, to love horror/ghost movie. If you like the suspense, dark twisted anxiety, screaming to the rooftop shock, and etc, maybe Annabelle: The Creation, supposed a prequel to Annabelle 2014, might not be your best choice. Because the movie went in-depth with emotions and a pretty slow tempo to eventually creating a daring yet predictable confrontation. 

The story began with a lovely couple (Mullins), staying at an oddly creepy mansion in the middle of nowhere, with their beautiful daughter. And, obviously, the dad was the creator of Annabelle, well, the physical part, because he was a crafted artsman who specialised in doll-making. On just one fine day, their daughter Annabelle (which was referred as Bee) was killed in a very very unexpected car accident. Then, all hearts were shattered and all hell broke loose! This was the part of under-utilisation of both actors (Mum and Dad) of the Mullins family, where the repossession of their so-called Bee's soul into doll was not detailed nor shown at all. Which I believed, was the film direction to keep the suspension. But, it was not entirely wise because the gap was a bit far off. 

                                        [Taken from: Annabelle Official Facebook Page, art by Luis Balboa]

12 years later, the couple finally opened themselves to house a group of orphans and a nun after the unknown horror occurred years ago. Now, Mrs. Mullin was bedridden, with her hiding under the mask. Her husband became cold and estranged. There was this particular orphan, Janice, sensitive to the calling of Bee/ Demon, which she accidentally let the Annabelle' doll out. Since that night, strange things started to happen, haunting the people in the house. Yet, the focal of the storyline focused too heavy on Janice while others were extras. 

                                                   [Taken from: Annabelle Official Facebook Page]

With a series of drag-gish scary scenes and acting, it became a bit of an annoyance to watch. Because, the whole movie was linked to demonic Satan, instead of Annabelle ghost. When the demonic presence was materialised, everything became a bit cheesy, not scary, and reducing the mysterious of the unseen! This part was starting to be tiring to watch! Well, the development of the actual creation of Annabelle was blinded-sided. Instead, in the end, the movie added an illogical twist, on how Annabelle (Bee/ Demon) was re-created in the body of Janice. She was then adopted into the family, which was thus linked back to the Annabelle 2014, and other The Conjuring Movies. 

Now, to summarise my very personal opinion, the top 5 reasons of good & bad of Annabelle: Creation:

  1. The storyline was not too bad, but to my humble opinion, the story should have been focussed on the parents, on how their desire, their obsession and their missing on their daughter, which created this notorious evil spirit. The orphan girls should be the trigger of this revival of the evil.
  2. Several scenes were scary, yet, this time, the director's tempo on this was a bit not too on time. In other words, it lost the moment of shock when the suspension was taking too long to build up! Instead of using those simple tricks, the director did reference several moves from The Conjuring Movie, The Evil Dead and etc.
  3. The ending was a bit off for me!!!!!! I just could not take the irrational ending. Previous movies gave their endings too beautifully! 
  4. The filming and the props were beautifully performed and prepared. I would not change a single frame in the movie. It actually made me wanna stay in that beautiful mansion. The detail of filming was impeccable and fine! And, there was also a special guest star from The Conjuring 2!

                                                                  [Taken from: Here]

Before the end of my post, here is it! The real Annabelle was actually a ragged doll, instead of a porcelain one! It was definitely cuter! Hahaha, according to the post, the Annabelle is now rested in a museum of the Warren Couple. Herewith my rating for the movie:

Dated: 12 August 2017
Ipohboyjourney (IBJ): 5.5/10; 
IMDB: 7.3; 
Rotten Tomatoes: 69 %; 
Google user: 86%. 


foongpc said...

Totally agree with your review. It got boring after the demon was revealed and the doll did not look so scary anymore! I was fidgeting in my seat after that waiting for it to end lol!

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

Foongpc - hahahahaha~ thanks ! right! Usually this movie can't reveal much, just let's the audience think wild. Plus, the demon's costume was not entirely scary also~ Hahahahaa!

True, after 1 hour of watching, the last hour I basically wanted to leave jor. A bit drag-gish.......