Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: The Big Escapade Plan to Krabi

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Big Escapade Plan to Krabi

 [Amazing view of the Krabi Beach, taken from Wikipedia]

Years have gone by since I travel, I need to plan a big escapade to a nice island. Sea, beaches, sun and sand, sum up what I think of Krabi (My next destination perhaps). As my parents are heading to this island later this year, I am actually helping them to do bookings and check itinerary for 5 days 4 nights, which I can use later for myself! A genius plan indeed!

The good thing about heading Krabi for holiday, is that from Malaysia, there is a direct flight and the flight price is quite affordable. Actually, nowadays with google, just a simple search of “Krabi Island 5 days 4 nights Itinerary”, this will give you tonne of information, from must-see-sights to must-do-activities. Basically, from my in-depth research, these are some of the interesting itineraries/ activities to be included during your trip there: 

  • Obviously the town visit for local souvenir and food – Krabi Town and the Ao Nang Beach. So far, from the images, the Ao Nang Beach seems to be well-maintained with beautiful tropical forest line, clean sand beach and mesmerizing blue sea.
  • Island-hopping - Turtle Island, Chicken Island, Tub Island and Mor Island. Island-hopping is still my favourite activity, because at different islands, they usually offer different awesome water activities such as snorkeling, diving, banana-speed boat and others!
  • The super duper famous James Bond island – can do canoeing around the island area! After watching the iconic stone structure in the movie, the image was just burnt inside my brain!
  • If you fav jungles, the Krabi trekking tour and a visit to the Emerald lake can be awesome too! (But, my parents actually rejected this because this requires certain stamina and great sense of adventure, hopefully, they will change their mind)
  • If temples are your thing, the above rise Tiger Cave might be an attractive option! (The review on this temple was great though, but parents were not attracted to this again)

With all the itineraries at hand, it just comes to another stage of dilemma! Because, with the number of places to be visited in these 5 days, will it be wise to stay at one place, or should there be a change of hotels? Then, after agreeing with my mom and dad on the trips/ places / transits/ etc., we proceeded to the last part of the trip planning, which was also quite difficult actually, after weeks, we had yet to come up with which Krabi Hotels to be booked! Whether they want a beach-side hotel, city hotel, resort which offers massages and fine dining?

So happen, a few days ago, I was approached and introduced to this relatively new travel service, known as traveloka. The website interface is quite simple to use, and in fact they also list different partners for payment, hotel and airline. My parents was quite satisfied with this because, they don’t feel confident with paypal payment (personal preference, no offence). We browsed and keyed in (1) Krabi as the destination, (2) Duration of Stay, and (3) No. of guest and room, as follows [LINK for Krabi Hotels] :

We were satisfied with the results, giving us more than 700 options to choice from. In fact, with the ease of the filter system, we could prioritize our hotel options to price, review and popularity score! Overall, the system was smooth and reliable. In fact, the continuous booking of the hotel was made easier with the aid of the map being shown from time to time. This in fact narrowed the options, and saved the booking time tremendously. 

I also found the traveloka Instagram accounts, where they post great photos and occasionally interesting contests for the followers. If you are interested, please do give them a visit at the following links, attractive prizes await!:



atiehilmi dot com said...

wah !! bestnya !! bila la nak dapat lepak krabi.. hee~

Twilight Man said...

If your parents are not swimmers and sun seekers, they better spend time at Phuket instead which has a connecting bridge. Krabi is a haven for outdoor holiday makers.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Atie] Hahahaha, harap soon la ^^

[Twilight Man] Yalor, but they already booked the ticket, it was quite cheap actually!