Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Free Mystery Shopper by Ipoh Boy - The Conspiracy or Total Coincident of 7-Eleven's Slurpee Shutdown?

Friday, August 4, 2017

Free Mystery Shopper by Ipoh Boy - The Conspiracy or Total Coincident of 7-Eleven's Slurpee Shutdown?

Every Thursday used to be good for U-Mobile users because it was the TERER THURSDAY, which was also the day for freebies collection. When it first started, I could easily scoop a reward around 8am - 9 am. But, as time went by, the collection of reward had became so challenging, because nowadays within 8 - 8:15 am, the rewards would be fully grabbed! Because at my place (up up and above 10 storeys), my U Mobile signal was hardly strong nor fast, especially after 6pm and before 9 am. You can imagine the patience I needed to claim these rewards!

That's why when you snatch the rewards, you will have the sense of accomplishment. But, recently, U-Mobile has again rewarded Slurpee from 7-Eleven, which was pain in the ass like 6 months ago that happened in Ipoh. In fact, I was not entirely fair that time, thinking that this was mainly occurred in Ipoh Branches, oh well, I was so wrong! The whole situation was frustrated not that we could not afford the slurpee, but rather than we were kept on being misled that the next branch would not have the same "rosak" (spoilt in Malay). After 6 months, my personal experience proved that the issue was not geological but rather nationwide!

My dad and I managed to grab the Slurpee this week (27 Jul 2017), it was not easy with 65k saw this offer. Yes, 65k of Malaysia saw this offer! Only yesterday, my dad angrily messaged that "7-Eleven was cheating us again in Ipoh!". I was like, not again! I still gave 7-Eleven the doubt of innocence, until the crazy adventure I had to find the branch that actually still had slurpee in less than one hour! Yes, you read it right, from 1030pm to 1130pm, I travelled 60 KM to prove this!

The first branch I went, it did not sell slurpee (Ok, the machine was not in sight). But, the next two branches located in Kajang area was tagged with the "rosak" sign! Anyway, since I was making my way to Old Klang Road for a meetup, I just buried the fury within me! As I reached the third shop, it just made my anger into an investigation mode because again the slurpee machine was down! Then, with less than 30 min left for the voucher to be valid, I decided to visit another two branches, predicting and knowing the outcome! HAHAHAHAHAHA~ (Can you even see that I spend my precious time doing a graphical summary and taking images to prove that there is something wrong with your management and machine?). 7-Eleven, you should pay me for this investigation, as I really acted like a mystery shopper! The conclusion is: either there is a denial-of-redemption secret conspiracy or there is a complete coincident of total "rosak" condition nationwide! But, either one is not good~

From a statistical point of view, based on my personal visits, the summary of findings which can be drawn is as follows:

1) Ipoh Area - about 40 % of the staff had no idea how to redeem the voucher code, while 60 % of the slurpee machine were always down!

2) Selangor Area - about 90 % of the machine were always down while 10% of the outlet did not have slurpee machine.

3) If solely based on these two areas, this means that in a radius of 120 km, about 70 - 80 % of the splurpee machines are always down or "rosak"/ or not available.

Based on the screenshots, I lodged a very detailed complain to U-Mobile and 7-Eleven. Well, U-mobile still kinda acknowledged my findings, but 7-Eleven Malaysia yet to give me any responds. That's why this was quite frustrated that, the same issue reoccurred after 6 months!

To further support that 7-Eleven Malaysia is/was not doing their job correctly, I even found other online complains, in 2016. Therefore, it could be seen that, either the machines purchased were erroneous in a nation scale, or someone is/was still in a state of unaware or ignorance. According to the screenshot below, a lot of people actually complained in their facebook post, citing: "i've seen all stores around Kota Bharu and yet none of them worked".... In this case, the radius of machine failure can easily be upsized to 200 km! (HAHAHAHAHAHA). 7-Eleven Malaysia is/was well-aware of the machine issue since last year, yet, until today, no action was taken. Now, we can't all blame on 7-Eleven on this. U-mobile, knowing the issue associated with 7-Eleven, still offered a free slurpee which could hardly be claimed in Ipoh, Kajang, OKR and PJ. This was so unwise! So far, only this issue really pissed me and a lot of customers out there. I still need to credit that the certain weekly freebies from U-mobile were awesome, but definitely not the slurpee.


Chia Hui Koo said...

I strongly agree with you, I experienced the same thing before. Manage to get the voucher but no Slurpee. So, I keep telling myself, it's not a healthy drink, so, thank God I don't have it. Haha........

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Chia Hui Koo] Yeah, twice for me and my family~ haha, what a good way to console yourself!