Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: S.Wine @ Publika

Monday, July 3, 2017

S.Wine @ Publika

It is S(Dot)WINE, not Swine. HAHAHA, in fact, as me and my friends were heading to Publika, we were kinda surprised to see that, our government actually approved this name. Anyway, as mentioned, today, we are going through a post of great pork dishes!

Unless you have a keen eye, it would be rather easy to miss this restaurant because it was integrated with the Ben's hypermarket. It seemed like this cafe (Non-Halal) was established to celebrate various ways to cook the pork. All its decorations were very related to pigs, or swines. 

The classy feel from the decoration gave a pleasant atmosphere for me and my friends to gather. The delicate and detail of the decorations was pretty awesome and fascinating. Under the awe of the decoration, we still did not waste much time in ordering some scrumptious dishes!

Warm pork confit, watermelon & lychee salad (Top): It was actually a bit out of our mind, with this dish, because the bizarre combination of fruits, veges and pork chunks was weird but pretty much refreshing to our tastebuds! 

Pan-Roasted pork chops with Sauerkraut (Bottom): For its price, the pork chops were rather small, since we were sharing among ourselves. Nonetheless, the tenderness of the chop meat, not only was it well-marinated, the sauce completed the dish pretty well. 

Garlic and Arugula sausages (top): Okay, the two huge sausages were such as pretty sight! Hahahaha, unlike the normal hotdogs, the mixture and texture of the sausages were unique in its way, with a fine finish of a bit of herb/ flavouring, which I could not decipher.  

Spicy bacon and mushrooms pasta (bottom): Last but not least, we also ordered a pasta dish. In any standard pasta, the sauce and the pasta were well-cooked. But, the pork slides and chunks just made it tastier. 

Overall, the dishes were soothing to our tastings. The portion was however a bit disappointing for the price we were paying. Nonetheless, the pork feast was pretty much enjoyable!

Ipohboy, signing out!


Twilight Man said...

It has always been my favourite place to pig out.
Recently they just changed a new menu which I preferred the old one.

Anonymous said...

我不知道要留言什么 只好夸一下自己很帅

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TW] Hahahaha, yeah, I got checked, this was still the old menu! So sad lo~

[Anonymous] 好的, 你的美, 我好像有见识过。 啊哈哈哈, 如果, 是真的话。。。

Sebastian said...


Ipoh Boy Journey said...

你都不更新了。 也不给fb, 好难联络哦。 你记得我是谁, 有email过你的。!
对呀, 现在是小胖子!

Nava K said...

Goodness. I am the biggest fan of pork dishes. Strange though married to someone who is pork free. So, I generally had to gather my pork gang before exploring pork outlets. This place does showcase items which are making me hungry. Yum. Btw, following you on blogger and liked your page. Appreciate the same in return. Tqvm.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Nava] hahahaha, yeah, thanks! Will follow u too ^^