Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant @ Taman Desa

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant @ Taman Desa

Korea, apart from Oppa (Big Bro in Korean) fame, is also famous for their food! And, to have delicious and authentic food, you don't really need to travel to Korea. In fact, just less than an hour drive from PJ/ KL, you can visit this place Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant @ Taman Desa

The must-order in Korean restaurant, is definitely a handsome oppa  their Korean BBQ! Of course, there are a variety of BBQ meat available, with different taste (Spicy, BBQ taste, honey, etc). And, typically, if you order a main dish, they will supply you REFILLABLE side dishes!!!!!

As you can, they did provide us with a great variations of side dishes like salted dried seaweed (not that nice), peanuts and ikan bilis (nice), mayonnaise corn (nice), spicy kimchi cucumber (super nice), marinated okra (nice) and egg/fish paste (nice). 

While we enjoyed the food very much, but there was just a slight incident that we got from the lady boss (which we believed was a Korean lady). When we requested for the refills, she smiled and said this was our last round. We were puzzled, because usually side dishes were bottomless ma! Then, she said the side dishes came along with the main dish. We finished our main dish, so this would be our last round. Even though she was polite and all, this was a bit unacceptable! So remember don't finish your main dish 1st!

Actually, as you can see, almost each plate of the dish was quite nice, albeit the little commotion we faced of the refillable side dishes. Of course s, we also ordered several main dishes as follows:

The Korean Nian Gao or sticky rice cake was pretty awesome even though it was quite spicy, but I loved them. The porkbone soup was okay, but because their soup was quite different from Chinese soup, so, you might have a hard time accepting this. The taste of the soup was quite strong and scented. 

Lastly, we ordered some healthy dishes like the stirred fried cloud ear fungus and the Korean pancake (which was actually quite spicy). Overall, the food there was quite nice, even the slight dislike with regards to the side dishes issue. I would recommend the restaurant, totally worth the try, but remember don't finish the main dishes so fast!

Ipohboy, signing out!


Twilight Man said...

This restaurant is the most popular Korean outlet in Klang Valley that has survived well with lots of crowd. I used to live at the condo right opposite and walked there to eat often.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

WOW~ So near only, U stay in Taman Desa last time. hahaha now, upgraded oredy!