Sunday, July 16, 2017

How to be a winner tip#3: Ipad Mini Awesome Win!

Just that one morning, when I was checking my email and this one particular email caught my attention: "Congratulation, you have won a IPad Mini !" It was a bit of disbelief at first, but the sender email seemed to be legit. Anyhow, as I calmed down....

#3: If you can, do a lot of online surveys and questionnaires, which give you a chance for lucky draw!

I replied their email instantly, but providing them my personal details. Typically, they will ask for your name, personal I.C. number, phone number and address. These are usually regarded as basic information. But, if they ask for your bank accounts and your family details, I would usually give it a second thought!

Now, if you ask how did I win this IPad Mini, well, same as my tip! Just do some online surveys and enter for a lucky draw! Surprisingly, this was relatively lucky and a simple win for me! As I unboxed my brand new IPad, it was pure excitement! It was actually my 2nd Apple product (My 1st Apple Product was IPod, also won from lucky draw)

So far, IPad mini until today still works pretty good. No sign of aging (like me), and it is very very battery-saving. If I don't use it for a week, the battery still shows about 90 %. That's insane! Typically, I just use my IPad Mini for entertainment, watch video, etc. 

So, if you wanna win, just follow my tips ^^ ~ Do comment and share your experience as well!~


Twilight Man said...

Congratulations to you!

Emy Pluss said...

Such a lucky guy.. Envy you. Hahaha I wish to have a mac book too.

Emy Pluss said...

Such a lucky guy.. Envy you. Hahaha I wish to have a mac book too.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TW] Thanks my friend (^^)

[Emy] Just keep on joining, you will win nice prizes too!