Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Traditional Porridge, by Hung Wang (汉元) @ Ipoh

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Traditional Porridge, by Hung Wang (汉元) @ Ipoh

Ipoh, as a world renowned foodie heaven, is often publicized for its delicious beansprout chicken noodles, salted chicken, chicken floss noodles, Cantonese dim sum, seafood, taufu fah and many more. But, to native Ipohrians, Ipoh Boy (me), there are so many other good food apart from the mentioned ones. A very local-known foodie, the traditional Teochew porridge in Ipoh, Hung Wang or 汉元 Restaurant,  has been overlooked by some locals and other foreigners.....

Most probably when you are in Ipoh, you won't even notice the existence of this tradition shop. In fact, I googled and found that, there were not many reviews/ blogposts on this. Another Ipoh Boy who is like 2000x more famous than me, blogged about this place quite some time ago (j2kfm). He vividly described all those dishes, with his own tastebuds, and we kinda shared similar tastes (^^).

As you can see, the decoration inside the shop is still retro, traditional and old-timer. Similar to its decor, the taste of the food, according to my dad, still retains the feeling of the earlier years since its establishment more than half a century ago. 

When you walk in, the display of the available dishes is very inviting. Because of my family being familiar with the shop, my dad would order the few dishes, which we never seem to get bored of. 

 For our family taste, usually we would order the braised pork leg as shown as above. The taste of the braised pork leg was slightly salty, which made a great companion to the pearl-white porridge. The porridge was always just right, not too right, not too hard, not too soft, and definitely more-than-a-bowl kind of taste! Hahaha. 

 Typically, when we were a bit fed up with our daily diet, we would come here and order simple dishes like the long bean with fried egg (left), fried vege (middle) and taufu (right). Of course, if you prefer more heavy taste, more dishes could be chosen from. 

 The shop also prepared good Teochew steamed fish. Of course, the pork dishes in this shop were and are still our favourite. So, if you so happen to be fed up with the typically Ipoh food, you can give this porridge shop a try, to kind of cleanse your body. 

But, keep in mind that, the operating hours for this shop is typically from 11.30 am to 4.00 pm. So, try not to miss it (^^) 

Ipoh Boysigning out!


Twilight Man said...

I am a Teochew Nang and love white porridge. My Cantonese wife cannot understand why I could eat porridge daily.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hahahaha, u r orang Teochewwwwwwww. That's why always so slim la! kekekekeke~ porridge is very nice (^^) ~ I don;t mind eating daily, but preparation is very mafan and tough though

LEon said...

THanks for sharing. Indeed these old tradition outlet need to be share online more often but hopefully it will not be too commercialise and jack up the prices and low the food quality.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hey, thanks for dropping by^^ yeah, hope that it won't turn into Lou Wang. hahahaha

Twilight Man said...

Who taught you that Teochew lang are slim?? LOL Lots of fat aunties and uncles too in all clans. I have no idea how you look until today. Don't hide lah.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

Hhaahaha, u looks very good at ur age lo! Plus, I told u before right, I wanna keep this like anonymous, not like my blog last time. You see, my abandoned blog looks so sad now ^^

Nava K said...

I will look out for this dish when I am in my Mother land, aka Ipoh.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Nava K] oooo, you from Ipoh too? hahaha, yeah yeah, give it a try~