Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Perfect Day Trip in Ipoh (怡保) and Pulau Pangkor (邦咯岛) [Part 2]

Friday, June 30, 2017

Perfect Day Trip in Ipoh (怡保) and Pulau Pangkor (邦咯岛) [Part 2]

As resumed from the previous [part 1], the journey continued further down the mystical island, where there was plenty of sunshines and breezes that day. Indeed it was a great day to visit Pulau Pangkor. It had been quite some time since we visited any beaches. As the car drove by a beautiful beach area, we parked by the roadside where ample parking spots were provided. Only then, we noticed by the beach, there lied a beautiful temple called Lin Je Kong Temple (灵慈宫).

Even though the temple was pretty much small, the scenery was splendid to our views. Can you see the blue sea, white sand and lush-ish forests? These were just beside the temple! But since our plan was to do a island round trip, we didn't bring any swimming attires, too bad! As we hiked up the temples, the views were getting better and better!

Facing the oceanic view, the temple was very much perfectly built by the seaside. You can even see the angmoh enjoying themselves there, taking in much of the vitamin D. I felt in love the lonely tree by the seaside, just like me, always feeling lonely yet still could stand beautifully there, untouched. 

With all the excitement and great pleasure we had during the whole trip, it just turned sour by noontime because we had problem finding a nice seafood restaurant! Seriously, the seafood restaurant usually only operates at night! That was totally unexpected. Eventually, we simply went into a restaurant and ordered the following dishes: (1) Stir-fried taugeh, (2) Orange fried sotong, (3) Butter fried prawns and (4) Chili crabs. The thing was that all the seafood materials were very very fresh. But, the culinary skill, flavouring and presentation was overall suck big time! Even though everything cost less than RM 80, the food was almost unbearable! (Taste: 3.5/ 10)

Despite the awful lunch, the exploration of the beautiful island was subsequently moved to a local souvenir shops. Again, the view was pretty much amazing! Sadly that time, I left my DSLR at my home. So, all pictures were taken using my mobile phone. 

The scenery in Pulau Pangkor, looked so calm and unique. Even though it looked like a fishing village, there were so many things to be seen. Every bits of the island showed a different side or perspective.  

Then, we made to our last stop, Fu Ling Kong (福灵宫). Indeed, Pulau Pangkor is very rich with Chinese culture. The temple was quite beautifully-designed, just similar to the China-style architecture. 

After spending the substantial time, we drove back to the jetty and returned the car (Basically, just parked by the roadside). Hahahaa, as we bid farewell to the Pulau Pangkor after a splendid day, we gazed upon the sunset, as we got further and further away. 

Before we headed back to Ipoh, we dropped by a pretty nice seafood restaurant. This was totally like 20x better than the lunch we had. To make up the lunch, we ordered: (1) Ojian (Fried oyster); (2) Tom yum seafood soup; (3) Gong pao chicken; (4) Seafood taufu; and (5) Steamed fish!

All and all, after dinner, we managed to reach home by 9.00 p.m. The whole trip was overall pleasant, not too tiring and pretty much enjoyable!



Twilight Man said...

How come both titles were spelled as Pulau Pangkar?? You renamed them? Muahahahaha

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TW] OMGGGGGGGGGGGG, I am so embarrassed. Thanks, I have corrected them ^^