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Top 3 Reasons Your Name (君の名は) Might Fail to Make it in 89th Oscar!

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Oscar 2017 has considered "Your Name" or "君の名は", directed by Japanese director, Makoto Shinkia. Congratulation to this great achievement. Due to so many positive reviews from all walks of lives, I decided to catch this movie last week (was actually stranded in Nu Sentral because I left my keys back home - Ipoh). 

As one of the oldest students in the world, I presumed, I got myself a student-ticket for one last time in Nu Sentral. I was torn between Rogue Star Wars or Your Name, but ended up with Your Name because of the time slot. Of course, both movies were high-rated.

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The movie told a story of two young teenagers, who mysteriously swapped body, ended up living briefly in each other's life. One day, when the guy realised that he was very much in love with this girl, he stopped transferring body with the girl. Feeling despair and very much misery, he tried to search for the girl based on the memories he recalled. Unfortunately, what he found was terrible and overwhelming - the girl he loved died 3 years ago! It was the very same meteor comet they talked about, which killed about 500 people and destroyed the once-enchanting village. The rest was the same old same old where they tried to change the history and the fate of the village and villagers. 

Of course, I have to admit that the anime was beautifully-made with the details of the people, the scenery and the buildings and all. But, to me, something was amiss, or rather lacking in the emotion part. This would lead to the TOP 3 reasons why Your Name might fail to make it in 89th Oscar (How my prediction wrong, hahaha). Overall rating: 6/10

Reason 1 - Where's the love?
I am sorry to say that I don't see the love between them. Yes, they made fun of each other. But, ultimately, they did not share any memorable moments together. She just suddenly fell in love with a total stranger who loved to molest her breasts. What else she knew about him apart from knowing he had a crush on his sexy senior, lived in Tokyo, got 2 friends and ? How about him, he loved to touch her breasts, what else he knew about her apart from being a traditional temple girl? This was the part where most directors failed in making a good anime, they did not create the "LOVE". The whole movie was just being a fancy movie, not exploring the emotion in depth, but a combination of Korean Drama - Secret Garden, Japanese anime - The Girl who Leapt Through Time and Korean movie - Il Mare, was very much lacking of originality. 

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Reason 2 - Where's the logic?
The connection was not there. The movie introduced very inappropriate soundtracks and black-outs in scenes, which just did not connect. Let's not get me started on the soundtrack - one word - boring! Ok, the movie was not logic in the beginning. It did not really explained what was the reason the girl chose the guy to swap body with, but only stated that it was an inherited power from the maternal side. More importantly, for the 3 years gap between them, both of them forgetfully/ unbelievably not to look at their phones to check their diary dates. 

When the guy found the kuchikamizake (口噛み酒) prepared by the girl and drank it, I thought he would be punished by GOD because it was an offering. Instead, he miraculously swapped his body again with the girl......LOGIC? When everybody was about to die, both of them decided to climb the mountain at the nice of time to meet up despite of time issue? How would they possibly know it was possible? Come on, that's not real love. 

Reason 3 - Where's the art?
The anime was nicely crafted, I admitted. But the missing element was there - the detail and consistency of art. Sometimes, it was so nice, but sometimes, it was so carelessly-made. I remembered one scene where they showed the raindrops on the spider web, which was very very fake. Compared to Ghibli Studio's work, this anime still got lots to learn.

Despite my side of the opinion, I still hope that this anime can make it in Oscar, though this post is intended to share my opinion for improvement. I am not jinxing~

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