Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Goon Wah Fishhead Noodle 冠华 @ Kuchai Lama

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goon Wah Fishhead Noodle 冠华 @ Kuchai Lama

Food, a necessity in life. Growing up in Ipoh, my tongue is trained to be very good in tasting good food. Early this year, my family visited me and bro in Petaling Jaya. After a long day loitering in Shah Alam, we drove our way back passing by Kuchai Lama. Just in case you don't know, Kuchai Lama is a great place for good food!

 Immediately, I recalled my colleagues brought me to this very famous restaurant called Goon Wah Fishhead Noodle (冠华), especially the famous for its XO Fishhead Noodle. I hesitated to go there because my dad was quite hungry! The queue might be long! To my surprise, as all normal folks, the queuing actually attracted my dad ! He insisted to have our lunch there. While waiting, we saw all sort of weird persons - the dude with the dog! Seriously, I am a dog person. But, to bring this cutie to a restaurant, we really felt annoyed due to hygienic issue. What an inconsiderate bastard!

After waiting for 15 mins (thank goodness), we were ushered to our table. As a 2nd timer there, I helped to order for my family! If you are a first timer (sound wrong), don't worry! All the famous dishes are labelled on the wall! Oh yes, it is almost safe to order almost all the dishes from the wall. As you can see, the number of customer that day was insane!

My dad fell in love with the stir-fried pig stomach/ intestine (猪肚). It was my 1st time tasting them. I would not mind trying them again. They were quite Q and crunchy! LOL, my impression was like that. 

For me, I would always order this dish if I visit next time - Claypot rat noodle (瓦煲老鼠粉). Not exactly made from rat meat, this dish served here was not too salty and the noodle was cooked perfectly without any breakage. Again, NO RAT MEAT served here. LOL.

Another noodle dish ordered here was the Jiangnan noodle (江南面). This dish portion was quite satisfying and the supporting materials include roast-pork, mushroom, squids and etc.  

As far as we can go, we also ordered some tasty dessert and drink there. The bali fucuk (腐竹薏米) was not too sweet (Look like foul language)! The golden lime (金桔酸梅) drink was also one of their must-try signatures! My family adored the drink a lot. 

Last but definitely not the least, the claypot XO Fishhead noodle (瓦煲鱼头米粉X.O) lived up to its name! By far, one of the nicest fishhead noodle in KL! The soup was just seasoned nicely with yam, fried fish head and not so much of X.O (too bad). But everything just came together nicely! A must-order dish here (^^) 

Overall, everyone was happy with the dishes and also the price! It was approximately RM 15 - RM 18 per person depending on how many dishes you order and also the size portion! So, it is recommended by me that you can just one the medium portion which can feed up to NORMAL 4 persons with normal appetite (^^)

Happy Mom and Dad (^^) enjoying the food !

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