Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Lincolnshire, The Most Happening Christmas Market in United Kingdom, Part 1 (Humans View)

Christmas is one of the greatest festive seasons in United Kingdom, along with Easter Holidays and also......Bank Holiday. hahahaha, anyhow, staying in UK for a while, really did open my eyes, ears and mouth quite a bit on their culture.

When I first arrived, the lecturers at my university said you mustn't miss Lincoln Christmas Market, because it was one of the largest events in UK. So, with a bunch of friends, we bought a group ticket online using National Rail website (which listed all the public transportation information in whole UK). With National Rail card, you can even get up to 30 % discount for most tickets!!!!

It was one crazy morning, a total of six woke up, caught a bus and a train, with high expectation, we arrived at the land of Lincolnshire. Boy, we were in huge surprise because at least a population of 75k of people were there.......Yes, humans everywhere! Actually, not much direction required, because everyone was heading to the same direction. With no further delay, let the pictures do the speaking!!!

Endless heads were heading towards the market, it took more than 20 min of walk to reach there because of the crowd.

 Well, even though the crowd was a bit overwhelming, it didn't taint the scenery and architecture much. In fact, the humans made the place more lively than ever (^^)

In UK, you can easily find performers on the street. I usually do give them a few pounds as encouragement though. It was definitely better than begging to people.

 Finally, the legendary market was situated at the cathedral. In fact, the twin-like cathedral had very high resemblance to the famous Notre Dame (^^). And, the twin-patrol guys made this image one of my favourite.

There were more than 200 stalls in place. From food to souvenirs to artpieces, these stalls mostly dedicated themselves for this special market, by handmaking most of the stuffs there!!! That's why the attraction of this market was magical!

 Another awesome sight I caught of the three little girls. They were waiting for their mom. How I loved the sun shone on their adorable faces. I bet they have grown into bigger children now. haahahahah!

Moving away from the market, we walked towards the city central. Like most UK cities, they looked very nice and romantic laa. I just hope that one day, I could visit the Wales with my love one, that's why I didn't finish venturing UK yet.

And, finally, I tell you, ABOUT 99.99 % of the Christmas Market would have ice-skating area!!! Trust me, if you miss one, don't worry, another city would have this too! hahahahaah.

Part 1 Ends ! Please stay tune for 3 more posts on this too (^^) 

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