Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2 Days 1 Night Amazing Getaway at Sky High Genting Highlands @ Burger & Lobster, Sky Avenue (Part 2)

Continued from my post 1, one of the greatest highlights in my 2-days-1-night getaway at Genting Highlands was our visit to the Burger & Lobster @ Sky Avenue! I would say they are clever enough to open this restaurant at Sky High Genting Highlands, where you could not find elsewhere in Malaysia, unless you would head overseas for it which is very unlikely. I told my parents and aunt that actually, I had my taste of the Burger & Lobster in London, which was quite good (I yet to have time to blog on that) but quite pricey (about 20 pounds). They were all fine with it! 

It was Monday night, we headed there around 6.30pm, which to our surprise, the queue was not that long. We were indeed in luck, because just after 15 min, about 20 persons were queuing up behind of us, with lots of tourists from China. The options were clear-cut, with a few choices, whether you want burger or lobsters. (Which was very different from London Branch, where we could choose half-lobster and half-beef-burger!) Yes, they only serve beef burger/ beer-lobster burger! About 20 min of waiting, we were seated at a nice table. 

Looking at the menu, indeed we were excited. As can be seen, the lobsters were imported from overseas and kept fresh and alive, accordingly, before being cooked (><).  For China tourist convenience, they even had the menu printed in Mandarin. My parents were basically clueless of this because this was their first. So, I took charged and ordered on their behalf! I noticed the variation between the Malaysia menu and London. Further, the restaurant also stated Genting Highland Card Member Price/ Non-Member Price clearly in its menu. (Also slightly more expensive compared to UK, oh well, since everything was imported) So, my advice is to get a member card to enjoy the discount! We ordered items as follows:
1) Grilled Lobster
2) Steamed Lobster
3) Chili Lobster (which was not available the time I had it in London)
4) The Original Burger 

where, all dishes, came with sidelines such as fries and salads. We didn't order drinks because they cost a bomb, even plain water was not cheap! We waited patiently for our order, since the restaurant was totally packed that time. Suddenly, my mind slipped away, analyzing the people around us! It just shocked me that there were so many youngsters (17 - 29 yo) came with their friends and ordered tonnes of lobsters. How could they afford it? It just blew my mind away when economy was said to be bad in Malaysia, but, business was still pretty much good in this expensive restaurant!

Our long wait was finally ended, when the lobsters of steamed and grilled were served to our eyes! Of course, our cameras/ handphones had their taste first before our turns. The portion was not bad, enough to keep our tummy full! You can actually order 3 sets for 4 persons, which would be sufficient. We had no problem digging into our lobsters, since their hardshells were already slightly cracked for us.  

The steamed lobster was actually quite good, because of the freshness of the lobster. It retained the taste of the meat with splendid slight salted taste. But, we all loved the grilled lobster, because they added in human's most favourite ingredient of all time - cheese! The cheese and butter accompanied by the grill was simply taste-tantalizing!  Surprisingly, the salad was very refreshing and the fries were quite tasty! 

As for the Original burger, I actually didnot take it. So far, my parents gave their thumb up for this, citing "The patty was tender enough without the strong smell beef, and of course, the breads was fragrant and fulfilling". These were the words they told me!  

Lastly but definitely not least, we ordered their must-try dish, which was also the most expensive lobster in the restaurant (RM 168 / RM 173, 2017). I believe that the introduction of Chili Lobster in Malaysia, was to cater the local taste. In fact, despite its name, the Chili Lobster was not spicy at all! The taste was more like Thai - slight spicy, slight sour, very very slight sweet. Since this dish came with brioche, it complimented the spiciness/ taste of the lobster! Overall, this captured both me and my parents' heart on this! 4.5/5 for this dish alone!

As you can see, Ipohboy was totally satisfied with this Exquisite and Extravagant Feast of Lobsters in Sky Avenue Genting Highlands. We just told ourselves, this feast would be once in a blue moon, once in a life time, though it cost about RM550 overall!!!!! So, get your credit card ready before setting foot inside this restaurant! You can find more pics at the album link below:

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Part 2 Ended


Twilight Man said...

Walau-Eh! Only rich & wealthy families can eat burgers over RM500! Pengsan nia.
Why you cover your face? You have 3 eyes?

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

hahahahahaha~< i am poor lo, after the meal. hahahaha
I have 4 eyes, very scary de!