Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Wondermama X, Half Wonderwoman @ Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wondermama X, Half Wonderwoman @ Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

It is very often not fair to judge a franchise as a whole. A recent news of the closing of Tim Ho Wan, was pretty much shocking because as a Michelin-Starred restaurant, it was expected to succeed in Malaysia. The KL branches (under different management) were closed while the Malacca outlet was retained. Anyhow, that's why I always put in the outlet that I have tasted in my review article, because not every franchise is good or sometimes, they are very different!

Wondermama has started humbly in 2012, in one of the posh-est areas in Malaysia - Bangsar. It was a collaboration of 3 locals from Malaysia, who handled everything from food design to restaurant decor. What I really like about Wondermama, is that its ability to fuse the local taste into a conventional yet creative dish. In fact, its dishes are quite tantalizing in its own way.  

Today, I am introducing Wondermama X, at Avenue K Kuala Lumpur. The design of the restaurant was very different from the other branches, in fact, quite artistic, funky and expensive! hahahaha, one of the must-try is their  Nyonya Kuih. Yeah, surprise? Me too! I was quite skeptical about these slightly overpriced kuih which I could get them from local stalls for RM 1 for 3 pieces. And, boy, am I wrong! The kuih from Wondermama tasted like the usual kuih we had, but more layers of tastes were introduced as the kuih gradually melted in your mouth. I loved them, because they are not too sweet, nice with Q-ness and very nice to look at too. 

However, not everything served in this restaurant gave us a pleasant surprise. Let's start with the The Good Trio from left to right: The Signature Nasi Lemak; Asam Laksa and Ibu Mee Siam. One of the must-order dish was their Nasi Lemak, which they offered a wide range of different nasi lemaks. The Signature Nasi Lemak was served with my favourite Petai sambal! Trust me, even though it is a bit pedas (spicy in Malay), the aroma from the sambal matched perfectly with the pandan rice! Another must-try signature was their Ibu Mee Siam, oh yes, all and all these delicious dishes were just right for my taste!

Then, continued with the The Bad Duo from left to right: Kampung Styled Fried Rice; Aglio-Olio. Ok, don't you think from the pictures, the bads were pretty much obvious. First of all, for the price we were paying, the portion was pretty small! Indeed, from the menu (though we are aware that pictures are for illustration purposes), the two bowls of food were served in an incredibly small size compared to the menu. And, the tastes of the bad duo were really disappointing. The fried rice basically got not much ingredients there......As for the Aglio-Olio, we can basically finish it in 3 suap (3 bites/mouthful in Malay)........Furthermore, the serving was quite slow because we were there for dinner, and actually that hour, not many customers were there. Anyhow, I would still prefer the Bangsar branch though. But, if you are in town near Avenue K, surely can still give it a try and let me know! 

Ipoh Boy, signing out! 


Twilight Man said...

I love the food at Tim Ho Wan. They should never have rented at the Ground Floor lots by the entrance at 1-U and MV. Guess how much is their rentals???

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

OMG~ I really duno how much is the rent, must be like a lot, about 20k per month????