Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Kinta Riverfront Exploration of City of Light

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kinta Riverfront Exploration of City of Light

Following the footstep of I-City in Shah Alam, Ipoh has its own City of Light at the Kinta Riverfront. It was just after dinner, me and my family had nothing much in our hands. We just decided to have a visit at the Kinta Riverfront. On a Saturday night, .......

To our surprise, the number of people visiting this place were astonishing packed on a Saturday night. We actually struggled a bit to find a parking lot. Anyhow, spending about 15 min, we placed our vehicle at a relatively distance parking lot. The night was young and the crowd was getting greater. We were actually quite lucky, because some people were playing with fireworks, as we slowly walked following the path. 

After the brief walk and viewing some exhibitions, we sat down at Haagen Hazs for their mini scoops, and they were pretty expensive for Ipoh food price. Anyway, we enjoyed the tasty and famous ice-cream, which both my parents had yet to taste. 

Following the ice-cream, we basically just walked around and reach the spot where a lot of people were taking the symmetry view of the Ipoh City of Light. As we were on our way to the car, we bumped into a marriage proposal surprise! It was kinda sweet to see those love birds, under such as romantic atmosphere. 

As we got into our car, we shared the same thought though, that the City of Light was pretty awesome and maybe we might visit it again, when there would be less crowded. Overall, a leisure and relaxing after dinner walk, we had.


Twilight Man said...

Wow!!! This is a fabulous sight after sunset with reflections.

Emy Pluss said...

Nice place

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TM] Yeah yeah, can go there and see sunset! there are quite some eateries there, but the best, but worth to try them once in a blue moon!

[Emy] Thanks for dropping by ^^. I followed u back too!

Nava K said...

Indeed, its awesome. Nice way of spending a day.