Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Deliciously Bizarre Snow Beer, Restoran 2008 Snow Beer @ Cheras

Friday, July 21, 2017

Deliciously Bizarre Snow Beer, Restoran 2008 Snow Beer @ Cheras

The last time I went, was really really a while ago. But, the taste of the beer and other food still linger strongly in my brain and my tastebuds. The emerge of snow beer was quite long ago, but at this moment, not many snow beer restaurants actually survive. Restoran 2008 Snow Beer, is however an exceptionally. (This place is awesome for night owls too~ open until 130am)

The restaurant was located in Cheras, and you would have a very hard time to find parking there! It took some time for us to locate our parkings. Anyhow, my friend and I when reached, did not hesitate to order their signature Snow Beer, which came with 3 different beers/ tastes/ BRAND. 

What is so unique of snow beer, is that it is in a form of semi-crystalline. Hahahaa, indeed, my explanation is very different from normal humans. The theory behind the snow beer is its phase change. Because of the glass being chilled to very low temperature, when the cold beer is poured into the glass, it creates snow-like beer. However, due to the surrounding temperature, this beautiful scene will not last that long actually. So just drink up!

Since there were only two of us, we did consider a lot on what to order (wanna keep slim). Eventually, she said we must order the salted pork! And, she was totally spot on! The crispiness and the saltiness made a very very interesting combination. We basically finished the whole plate < 15 min. 

As our craving and appetite got bigger, we did another sinful deed, by ordering the BBQ chicken wings. Oh, they were not cheap, I tell you. But, again, we did another amazing decision, because the juicy chicken wings were really good, not too tough and quite tender!!! After that night, everything inside my body got high >>>> I meant my body weight, fat and cholesterol. Hahaha, but totally worth the fatness!

Ipohboy, signing out!


Twilight Man said...

Interesting. This is my first time seeing snow beer! I only love to drink very cold beer like this.

atiehilmi dot com said...

wah !! that ayam nampak sedap sangat !! hee~

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[TM] Seriously, when r u free? we can go drink together. hahahahaha

[Atiehilmi] hahahaha yup, crunchy crunchy!