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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wonder Woman 2017: The Rise and The Fall

Ever since Wonder Woman (WW) played by Gal Gadot (GG) first appeared in the DC's Batman versus Superman (which was awful), she instantly stole the spotlight with a mere less than 10 mins of screen time. You could feel her strong presence. Of course, that was basically the spark for her own fiery Wonder Woman Movie 2017. I went to watch the greatly-rated movie in 2017 and here was my thought......<disclaimer: All images were obtained from online source, please contact me via email>

Before going into the movie, let's have a collage fun! Let's talk about Gal Gadot~ She is from Israel, with a cute accent. But, that part of her just makes her version of Wonder Woman, so cute and genuine. From my opinion she is a hybrid between Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. What is your say on this?

These three beautiful women, they have so much in common, not just beauty, courage, and power. They are good actresses. Most probably for Jolie, she has little interest on this role and basically, she is a bit mature for costume-heroine. Actually, to be honest, I was rooting for Megan Fox, to play WW, as you can see, she actually got the aura and figure to pull this off. Sadly, there are so many bad presses on her nowadays, that she just disappeared to be a good wife (>_<). And, then, there is GG who is the embodiment of these women - sexy, tall, brunette and beautiful. 

I heard from the online interview that, she was actually pregnant during the filming of WW, and her tummy was actually covered with the green cloth (for CGI effect). But, I really admire her courage and determination because this movie was truly action-packed. 

The story began with a beautiful view of an undisturbed island, sheltered from all the evils, plagues and wars, which was home to a clan of female warriors known as the Amazon, Themyscira. To shield the Amazon from the attack of Ares (God of War), Themyscira was hidden by the Greek Gods with a magical barrier. 

Even though they were well-hidden in this sanctuary, the Amazon was well-trained warriors, capable of swaying heavy swords, combating opponents twice their sizes. Of course, the Queen of Amazon (Hippolyta, played by Connie Nielsen, 2nd from the right) and the General Antiope (played by Robin Wright, 1st from the right) were very protective of WW. But, eventually, they decided to train WW to be one of the strongest warriors among the Amazon, to face Ares. 

The time for peace however came to an end, when the spy, Trevor (played by hot Chris Pine) accidentally ventured through the barrier of the island, along with him, was the German army. Trevor managed to steal the formula for making deathly bio-weapon which could kill millions..........

The Rise
Compared to Batman versus Superman, the storyline was so nicely blended with the emerging of WW during the World War II (WWII). The strong background story of WW, with its beautifully-directed filmography and well-cast actors, made the whole movie light up instantly. WW played by GG was eye-catching and charming. From a humble and naive princess who listened to the bedtime stories, she became indestructible and invincible on the outside, of course, despite that, she was still a demigoddess who had so much love inside her. This could be observed from scene to scene, where she tried her very best to save every human (with her own WW anthem). The inner struggle of WW gave life to the movie. The support given by other actors such as Chris Pine (super hot body), drunk Irish guy (always Whiskey intoxicated), Sammy (Conman/ artist/ translator) and Red Indian guy (freedom), further charmed us because each individual gave their best performances.

The Fall
The thing I hated about DC movie was that their fight scene. The final battle between Gods was a pure anti-climax. Because of their might and power, they just kept on destroying, destroying, like the superman movie. This was the point that the movie lost its momentum, if only, they would retain the essence of the fight scene in the beginning. If only, both Gods were fighting powerfully yet powerlessly, like the gladiators in the Colosseum, this would most probably mark a perfect ending for the movie. Plus, the movie was just a bit too long for my taste. The fall of WW might also because of its success in the 1st movie. The feminism empowering movie (directed by a lady director; with highest gross among the lady directors) could set a very hard-to-beat predecessor. Anyhow, my ratings: 

Ipohboyjourney (IBJ): 8.2/10; 
IMDB: 8.2; 
Rotten Tomatoes: 93 %; 
Google user: 93%. 


Twilight Man said...

I truly enjoyed this movie as it was the first time a Marvel Comics made a movie with such settings.

Ipoh Boy Journey said...

[Twilight Man] Definitely, WW topped Batman versus Superman, Superman series (by Cavill). Hope that they don't screw the sequel though (><)