Ipoh Boy Journey To The World: Full Month Celebration 弥月之喜 @ 民众酒家 Mun Choong Restaurant, Pasir Puteh

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Full Month Celebration 弥月之喜 @ 民众酒家 Mun Choong Restaurant, Pasir Puteh

Foodie again! The nature of a true Ipoh Boy! Without good food, how am I gonna survive. This time around, the post is slightly overdue but it is definitely worth mentioning! My dearest sister gave birth to my niece and my dad threw her and her daughter a full month celebration (also known as 弥月之喜) at 民众酒家 Mun Choong Restaurant, Pasir Puteh. Pusing Mun Choong was notably mentioned here - [1] & [2]

Traditionally, Chinese would celebrate the full month as a blessing to both the mom and the child. Red boiled eggs (红鸡蛋) is to celebrate the birth of the baby and to wish her celebrating her birthday every year. Obviously, the marinated ginger slice (姜片) and the red wine (红酒) are for the moms, so that after giving birth, they can recover well.

My dad's love towards my sister has always been ocean deep. Thus, this feast of celebration was nothing but fancy. All the dishes were delicate and very enjoyable to our taste buds.

The steamed prawns (清蒸虾) were quite nice because of their freshness. However, they are still not comparable with Tualang's prawns.

This magical and collagen-rich pot of fancy seafood such as sea cucumber, dried sotong, flower mushroom, definitely gave us a very sophisticated taste. As one of the most famous Chinese dishes in the world, Buddha jumps over the Wall (佛跳墙) by Mun Choong surely met our expectations.

Giant grouper was steamed and applied with soy sauce (清蒸龙趸)。 The meat was fresh and scrumptious. Based on the elasticity of the meat, we knew that the giant grouper was definitely old enough, giving us a very good taste of fresh fish.

Our taste buds were then balanced with the stirred fried vegetable, mushroom and cashew nuts (清炒鲜菜).

After the taste of fresh vegetable, we were introduced to their famous roast piglet (南乳烧猪). The crunchy fried skin was complimented with the white bun, followed by a dip of their famous sauce. One of the best in towns!

Our stomachs were so full, with all those amazing dishes. But, we still kept a portion of our stomachs for their very famous signature noodles -  Noodles with minced pork and mushroom (肉丝捞生面)

The day was finally ended with their dessert, pudding with lychee (荔枝布丁).

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