Saturday, December 30, 2017

Lincolnshire, The Most Happening Christmas Market in United Kingdom, Part 2 (Food View)

Continuing from Part 1, Part 2 will mainly focus on the foodie on sights! Actually, this trip was more on sight-seeing than eating though, I have to be honest.

Gosh, forget about the wrinkles on my finger. But, one of the most common desserts in UK is definitely its fudge, This was actually, a chocolate-layered fudge, which was simply tasty, but again, it was a bit too sweet though. 

Surprisingly, the Germany sausages stall was on sight! Though it cost about 5 pounds, the sausage was in great portion which could cater about 2 person appetite, a lot better than those from supermarket (^^) 

Of course, nothing was complete without the sugar-coated waffle. The butter-melted waffle was just nice to our tastes.  

Last but not least, was the minced pork pie we got! Well, apart from the portion, the baked pie was actually quite yummy and crunchy. The filling was salty in taste, giving this one of the nicest tries in Lincoln (^^) 

Part 2 Ends ! Please stay tune for 2 more posts on this too (^^) 

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