Monday, August 14, 2017

Naughtily Nice Naughty Nuri's August 50 % Promo 2017 @ SS15 Courtyard [Non-Halal]

Finally, I had tried the famous famous naughtily nice Naughty Nuri's (NN)! This time around, my besties from uni asked me out for a lunch date! So, you can kiss Monday blue goodbye, because with their famous pork dishes, you won't feel down on Monday anymore! And, what's more exciting and interesting this month (August) is they are having 50 % off for lunch dishes!!!!  So, what are you waiting for, faster head there before the promo ends!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Truth of Annabelle, Top 4 Reasons of Good & Bad! [Spoiler Alert]

You don't have to be a believer, to love horror/ghost movie. If you like the suspense, dark twisted anxiety, screaming to the rooftop shock, and etc, maybe Annabelle: The Creation, supposed a prequel to Annabelle 2014, might not be your best choice. Because the movie went in-depth with emotions and a pretty slow tempo to eventually creating a daring yet predictable confrontation. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Wondermama X, Half Wonderwoman @ Avenue K Kuala Lumpur

It is very often not fair to judge a franchise as a whole. A recent news of the closing of Tim Ho Wan, was pretty much shocking because as a Michelin-Starred restaurant, it was expected to succeed in Malaysia. The KL branches (under different management) were closed while the Malacca outlet was retained. Anyhow, that's why I always put in the outlet that I have tasted in my review article, because not every franchise is good or sometimes, they are very different!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Big Escapade Plan to Krabi

 [Amazing view of the Krabi Beach, taken from Wikipedia]

Years have gone by since I travel, I need to plan a big escapade to a nice island. Sea, beaches, sun and sand, sum up what I think of Krabi (My next destination perhaps). As my parents are heading to this island later this year, I am actually helping them to do bookings and check itinerary for 5 days 4 nights, which I can use later for myself! A genius plan indeed!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Free Mystery Shopper by Ipoh Boy - The Conspiracy or Total Coincident of 7-Eleven's Slurpee Shutdown?

Every Thursday used to be good for U-Mobile users because it was the TERER THURSDAY, which was also the day for freebies collection. When it first started, I could easily scoop a reward around 8am - 9 am. But, as time went by, the collection of reward had became so challenging, because nowadays within 8 - 8:15 am, the rewards would be fully grabbed! Because at my place (up up and above 10 storeys), my U Mobile signal was hardly strong nor fast, especially after 6pm and before 9 am. You can imagine the patience I needed to claim these rewards!